Adventures & Treats! 🏔🍗

Beautiful dog! I like the story for dog. The dogs are my best friends. I do not understand the peaple , which they do not like dogs.

Adventures of Toby

Today Toby and I headed to the Roaches for a morning of exploring and climbing.


We have been going to the Roaches for a few years now and absolutely love it! There are a few steep sections but not too many and you are rewarded with amazing views so the climbs are totally worth it!


There are a few routes you can do at the Roaches but if we go for a couple of hours we usually just start at Roaches gate and then walk along the ridge to the trig point and back.


It’s my favourite kind of walk – rocks and boulders to negotiate – Toby gets to become his mountain goat self!


There is also a pool on top of the ridge called Docksey Pool – which legend has it is home to some Mermaids!


Toby loves a paddle in the pool no matter the weather, it…

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